What Event Correlation Techniques Are And Why They Are Beneficial For Any IT System


Using adequate event correlation techniques is essential for analyzing and improving the efficiency of IT networks. IT systems today are becoming more and more intricate and complex. Along with this increasing complexity, vulnerability also increases, so network analysts and the experts involved in network management need all the information they can get about the possible points of vulnerability in the system.

Event correlation techniques have been developed by RIN Software to help experts not only to identify problem points in the system they manage, but also to deal with possible threats and fortify their systems in an efficient and proactive manner; therefore, choosing the right technique is critical for having an effective network management system and, ultimately, an effective network. However, there are still numerous IT systems running without any event correlation protocol in place, so, in what follows, we would like to describe what event correlation is and to present a few of the major benefits of implementing such a system.

What Is Event Correlation?

IT systems work by creating and processing a flow of events that generate certain changes. In other words, whenever a change is generated in the system it can be correlated with a specific event and each event has its origin, time of creation, duration, title and body, similarly to a string of email messages.

If a significant change occurs in the state of a system, it is crucial to be able to identify the event that caused the change, especially if the change calls for immediate remedy. Implementing the right event correlation techniques is critical for system administrators because they need to know exactly what actions to take in case a certain event occurs and they need to make such correlation as automatic and solid as possible in order to make sure the IT system runs smoothly.

The Benefits Of Efficient An Event Correlation Protocol

Having the right correlation protocol obviously improves the security and the integrity of your system. The larger and the more complex your system, the more important stability becomes, so if your IT system comprises networks such as multimedia, data and telephone networks as well as subsystems such as databases, applications and servers, implementing the right event correlation system is an absolute must. If your business activity involves service provision as well, using the right event correlation techniques will ensure the improvement of your service level as well - so the larger your system, the more benefits you can draw from implementing such techniques.