Topically Applied Coenzyme Q10 And Why You Should Use It

If you're watching TV, then you already know that there are plenty of commercials about skincare products that are advertised as being the best and so forth, but the truth is that many of them are not as great as the advertisements say they are and by purchasing them you're only going to waste your hard earned money and get your hopes shattered. The truth is that if you really want a cream or a supplement that can help improve the way your skin looks, then you may need to look into products that contain coenzyme q10.

The function of q10

Why should you consider products like the one at Well, its' because your body produces this coenzyme every day, but once you get past thirty years of age, it will not produce it in the same quantities as before. As a result, your skin is going to get dull, wrinkles are going to appear on your face and yes, you're going to look older. You can easily stop that though by using coenzyme q10 and applying it on your skin.

In fact, there are also some studies that have confirmed the fact that coenzyme q0 has been successfully used in some cases where people suffered from cancer and after using it, the growth of cancerous cells has been greatly reduced.

Skin benefits

When you'll apply coenzyme q10 topically on your skin, you're going to encourage it to produce more collagen and also more elastin. These two are some of the most important enzymes in the body that give your skin that plump and youthful glow that makes you look wonderful.


You may be surprised to hear about this, but coenzyme q10 has been successfully used on patients that suffer form periodontitis and in just a few weeks they managed to cure it. Therefore, if you have swollen and red gums, then you may want to break one or two capsules of q10 coenzyme and then rub the contents on your gums. Do this every day and soon you'll notice that your gums' redness decreased.

Be careful where you get it from

Last but not least, if you want to get q10 supplements, make sure you get them from your local pharmacy or any other store that you can trust. Since there are many scammers online that sell fake q10, you'd better only get it from a well reputed seller to avoid getting scammed of your hard earned money.