Pesky Wedding Day Mistakes To Avoid

The center of attraction at every wedding is always the bride, yet it's very easy not to put yourself first if you are the bride! This is one of the typical mistakes anyone getting married would do well to think about suggests wedding photographer Lovepear.

Equally, remember that your guests have probably travelled quite far and at some expense, so be sure to provide them with the comfort, food and drinks they would expect to find, particularly those spending the whole day with you.

It's also a sensible idea to find your wedding venue before deciding on your wedding dress. You need to fit your location, style and theme so having a clear image in your head will enable you to your picture yourself and your dress in the setting the way other people will see you, plus you will look much better in your wedding photos. Find the best wedding photographer Ashford.

Some weddings have started to impose restrictions on social media use and while that is not a bad thing to avoid interruptions and distractions, obviously your guests want to take photos too and share them, so decide with your official photographer the best process for this and make sure someone tells the guests early on.

The week before the wedding often raises small details and issues overlooked so be prepared or ask for help. If you haven't hired a wedding planner, then don't expect your wedding photographer to run your agenda, they will want to capture the wedding day as a story and if that means chaos then opportunities for photos may not be up to expectations.

Word of mouth is still the best approach when it comes to making sure everyone knows about your wedding details. Don't rely on just your wedding invitations to pass on all information to your guests. Brief your close family and friends as they will be the ones to pass on confusing or incorrect information first.

If you have invited a ton of people to your wedding, then don't forget to say hello to them. It's easy to forget to find the time, but try not to get too hooked on having fun with just your closest friends and family especially if you have opted not to have a receiving line.

However, perhaps the most likely aspect to completely forget about, is catering for your wedding vendors, people such as your wedding photographer or your wedding band. Such suppliers often expect a meal, and not providing one may leave them feeling low on energy or enthusiasm. Don't forget your wedding photographer has probably been working flat out for you since the morning.